Andrew Griffes

MA, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology - Naropa University, Boulder CO

Please reach out to schedule your free 30-minute consultation by phone or video. I look forward to speaking with you about working together.

The basis of my work with clients is rooted in mindfulness, somatic awareness, and a transpersonal approach to coaching. My passion is for working with individuals and couples to transform relationships in their lives. Whether it is through a sudden crisis, years of contemplation, or a vague hunch that brings you to this work, I meet you with the understanding that you are capable of relating with health and integrity.

A mentor once asked me "if you had to boil down everything you're doing with all of your clients into one thing, what would it be?" The only answer that captured it all, which still fits is self-awareness. In my work, I build on the shared awareness that comes during a session to support you in bringing self-awareness to the aspects of your life where it offers healing and growth.

I am ever grateful for the daily opportunity I have in being a husband and father to grow in my own humility, wonder, and devotion. My inspiration grows in tandem with my respect for all of you who step up to transform yourself and the relationships in your life.

My Approach & Training

My coaching practice is founded on the principle of inherent wholeness - that we each possess the necessary qualities for self-realization. My role is to offer structure and reflection so that your own health and wisdom may shine. The components of my training reflect different aspects of this foundation in wholeness. In my graduate education at Naropa University, I learned to bring Transpersonal Psychology from understanding into practice. My training in somatic trauma work with the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute built on this further with a specific framework for accessing our bodies' innate ability to process and heal wounds to the body-mind system. Additionally, I have had deep exposure to couples work, primarily the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT) of Dr. Stan Tatkin. Ultimately, so many of the patterns, wounds, and hopes people bring into coaching boil down to relationship, and I am fortunate to draw on such impactful teaching in supporting people to craft thriving relationships.

My Path to Coaching

Working with people to discover themselves, to heal, and to thrive is a path that converged for me from work and life experience in diverse terrain. I began my career at the intersection of investment research and corporate responsibility, helping businesses and investors use their influence to incorporate Environmental and Social impact with their financial impact. Following that, I spent several more years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco working in youth development. Stepping across cultural thresholds, job descriptions, and living situations, I grappled with the question of authenticity - how to find a meaningful expression of myself in each context. The experience of doing so, as well as navigating the intense challenges I encountered along the way, have informed my calling to work with others in the midst of transformation and growth in their own lives.

Major influences in my learning to whom I am indebted with gratitude include:

  • Grieving and Re-membering Ancestral Culture - Martìn Prechtel

  • Buddhism & Meditation - Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Reggie Ray, Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, Adyashanti

  • Dreaming, Shamanism - Carl Jung, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Alberto Villoldo

  • Earth-Based Psychology - Bill Plotkin

  • NLP Marin