Love Your Relationship  

Relationship is challenging. Most couples imagine that it is easier for everyone else. What makes a relationship strong is not in avoiding the challenges but in learning to face them - together and with skill.

As a couple, make a commitment to this path of awakening, and get the support to grow the wisdom and love that live between you.


Couples Coaching

An integration of attuned support and effective tools for you as you navigate the territory of your shared vision and commitments. Cultivate a relationship reflective of your deepest wisdom, in which your creative projects, family, and work all flourish.

Coaching emphasizes the present-state of your relationship, and addressing the patterns that play out between you. Gain awareness into how you interact, and learn new pathways of connection that reflect your intentions.

We meet in-person in Sonoma County, or by online video - giving you flexibility in scheduling and location.


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