Mindfulness-Based Coaching for Individuals, Couples, and Groups.

Living from soul in modern society requires a time and place set aside to work your capacity for clarity of purpose. Will to Wisdom offers the structure and support for you to love life and live your vision.

Where you struggle is where your wholeness asks you to let go or grow. What you craft in this process is wisdom.

This is the work of edges - the edge of your awareness, of your capacities, of your comfort, and the edge where you stand to meet yourself as you are. 

This is where our work together begins - these rough edges, these forgotten places of wildness, waking up like limbs with the pins-and-needles of returning sensation and vitality. 

Coaching is an effective structure of personal and relational change - emphasizing the present state of your life, work, and relationships, and focused on specific outcomes (where it differs from conventional psychotherapy and couples therapy). By uncovering patterns in behavior, belief, and identity, and creating new associations, we work together to bring change where you most want it. 

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Your Coach - Andrew Griffes, MA

My calling in the world is supporting bold people - you who are willing to embrace life's challenges as the fire in which your natural wisdom is forged, and which ignites your capacity to thrive in what you do.

As a former psychotherapist, my training includes a Master's degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University, extensive immersion in contemplative practice, somatic trauma therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), men's work, and couples work.

For more on my story, see my about page.


Love your Life, Make an Impact.


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