Individual Coaching

When what you want calls you to grow, this is your invitation to be more profoundly, unapologetically, unshakably you. Coaching here is about supporting you to tap into an empowered way of being, and aligning it with your intention.

When old ways of being call you to heal, this is your opportunity to develop compassion and strength. Suffering is good news. It's our sign that life is showing us where to focus. Coaching here is about following the trail of your hurts and frustrations with attuned collaboration, and finding wholeness where your courage leads you.



Loving life is a practice, as is loving yourself. Mature love is more than the warm fuzzies when things go our way. It is our gift back to the world for giving us what we need to live, and what pushes us to evolve. Take the opportunity with coaching to put your energy and attention into what you love.


remember your dream

Each of us comes to life with a vision of healing and offering. This vision is the story of our life, embedded in the greater story of the world. Like any compelling story, it begins and ends in mystery. Discovery on this path is a process of re-membering. All the intelligence and tools you need to bring your vision to fruition are woven into the fabric of your life circumstances. The challenges you currently face are here to call your creativity and wisdom into expression. 


Embody Your Transformation

Insight is only the beginning in this work. Techniques and tools for accessing powerful self-awareness are widespread in modern times. But insight without integration leaves you mostly back where you started, living out the same patterns. We work together to build your vision of your life - your soul's calling - into how you move, think, and breathe. Somatic (body-based) work incorporated in the coaching frame allows you to complete trauma patterns where they arise, to find the medicine in old wounds, and to access your intuition and vitality.


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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

As humans, we have an inexhaustible impulse to form connections between experiences.

This tendency gives your life richness and meaning, and it also limits you where you'd like to change. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a set of tools that allows you to understand what connections are shaping your experience (ie. when you go to start a relationship, launch a business, or improve your health), and then to form new connections that reinforce your desired outcome.

Unlike many 'self-help' programs, with NLP, you don't need to remember to be different. Over time, the changes integrate into your behavior, beliefs, and identity, so how you want to be simply becomes your 'new normal'.

Andrew has trained extensively with NLP Marin, a truly holistic approach that has expanded greatly on conventional NLP. By including elements like Lifespan Development, Systems Dynamics, and Quantum Worldview, this approach helps you create the experience you want of your reality. 




Learn to trust what you want for yourself as we inquire into the details of the changes you want. Anything goes. Together, we refine your outcome to get at the heart of what matters most to you.



As a deeply transformational methodology, NLP helps you to understand the structure of what limits you, and re-write its job description. Instead of pathologizing what has allowed you to survive, we find the wisdom in it and include it on different terms.



What has held each of us from having, doing, and being what we want is woven into the broader 'ecology' of our life - the relationships and circumstances where we have impact. NLP looks to a holistic integration of changes with this context.


What Will You Want When Having It Is In Reach?